Use your Minnesota Electric Bike Rebate at Ecofun Motorsports!

Applications open at 11AM for the rebate - you can apply here

The Minnesota legislature passed a bill in the 2023 session that will create a limited eBike Rebate Program. This program does not begin until July of 2024. It allocates $2 million dollars in 2024, and another $2 million dollars in 2025 towards eBike purchases, including qualifying accessories.

Qualifying accessories includes: bicycle helmet, lights, lock, luggage rack, basket, bag or backpack, fenders, or reflective clothing.

Eligible individual is an individual who:

  • (1) is at least 15 years old;

  • (2) is a resident individual taxpayer at the time of application for a rebate certificate and;

  • (3) was not claimed as a dependent on another return in the taxable year in the previous calendar year

Rebate amounts will vary depending on the individual’s income from the tax year prior to the year the Rebate Certification was applied for. Rebates will max out at $1,500 per individual. Married taxpayers must file individually for their own Rebate Certificate. With the limited funds allocated to this program, an estimated 1,300 to 1,500 certificates will be able to be issued statewide for each year this program is available, 2024 and 2025.

Individuals will need to apply for a Rebate Certificate from the state before coming to purchase their Electric Bike. Once the application is approved, the state will then issue the Rebate Certificate. The Rebate Certificate must be brought in and assigned to the dealership at the time of purchase to have the rebate reflected on the total of the eligible items in the purchase. Applications open June 5th for individuals to apply for a rebate, you can apply here.

Ecofun Motorsports Rebate Assurance

At Ecofun Motorsports, we are excited to support our customers in taking advantage of Minnesota’s ebike rebate program. With our “Ecofun Motorsports Rebate Assurance,” if you purchase an ebike from us and later qualify for the rebate, we will allow you to return the bike and re-purchase it at the full MSRP with your rebate. Please note that this program is only available if you receive the rebate; it does not allow returns if you do not get the rebate. By initialing below, you acknowledge and understand that the rebate approval is subject to the terms and conditions set by the Minnesota eBike Rebate program and is not guaranteed by Ecofun Motorsports.

Ecofun Motorsports is an eligible retailer for your electric bike rebate

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