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Moto Guzzi - Military & First Responders

Moto Guzzi - Military & First Responders

End Date: 10/31/2022

Military & First Responder customers who purchase any 2022 model year are eligible to receive an incentive of $500, applied to the purchase price of the vehicle.

Who Qualifies: This promotion only applies to ACTIVE US federal, state, or local officers/agents, sheriffs, highway/border patrols, firefighters, and EMS personnel ONLY*

Must have a valid first responder/government ID submitted to PGA

Active Military members (including active reservists) of the US Armed Forces and any other branch of military.

Must be able to provide a copy of current payroll record to dealer (SSN must be redacted) OR a copy of their active military ID.

Vehicle photos may reflect European models and specs. Dealer participation and stock may vary. Please contact your local dealer for more information. Offers valid from October 1st, 2022, through October 31st, 2022, at participating dealers only.

Disclaimer Info: Piaggio Group Americas is pleased to offer the Military & First Responders Promotion valid through 10/01/2022 through 10/31/2022 to all ACTIVE, Armed Forces, Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves as well as Fire, Police & EMS with a valid ID. This promotion will no longer include, teachers, doctors, nurses or any retired police, fire, or military. This promotion ONLY applies to active duty and active first responders.

Military & First Responders who purchase any 2022 model year Moto Guzzi vehicle (excluding 1,200cc and 1,400cc) are eligible to receive an incentive of $500, applied to the MSRP of the new vehicle. Incentive is based on purchased model cc range as follows: $500 for all Moto Guzzi motorcycles only. *Eligible Product must be new and unused, for which no retail sales/product registration has been previously submitted to or processed.