The differences between our scooter brands and how we choose the brands we carry.

When we search out a scooter brand to bring in we require three main things from them.  First, they have to have adequate warehousing in the United States and flow the same scooter models so that we can continue to get the scooters throughout the entire year.   Several wholesalers bring in large batches of scooter models and then when they are gone they are all out until the new batch comes in.  Second, we require the scooter companies to have a large continuous parts flow so that if one of our customers has an issue we can get a part to repair their scooter within seven days if the part is not currently on hand in our large in-shop parts center.  Third, they have to have good quality products with low defect rates.  This is important because we know the season is short in Minnesota and we want you to be able to enjoy your product instead of it always being in our shop.

We carry three different scooter companies so we can cater to anyone who wants a new scooter.  All 3 of the brands have certain advantages and reasons to purchase that brand. 


The entry level brand is Tao Tao.  They are a 30 year old motorsports manufacturer in China.  They manufacture and distribute themselves, so they are very concerned about the defect rate and quality of their product. They have four different regional parts and distribution centers in the United States so parts and scooters are very readily available.  They make a very good quality product at a very good price.  Their scooters and atvs use very basic parts that get the job done and by properly maintaining them they will provide you with years of enjoyment and use. 


Our second brand is Bintelli.  They are based out of Charleston, South Carolina and produce scooters out of the ZNEN Factory in China.  ZNEN uses the highest quality parts and manufacturing techniques in China.  It does not stop there though; Bintelli wanted the BEST so they have a FULL time employee stationed in China that monitors 100% of the production of their scooters at the ZNEN factory.  This adds an additional level of quality that has never been seen in Chinese scooter manufacturing.  Their scooters are shipped out of Florida and include many upgrades that you normally only see in the big name scooters.  All of their scooters have: Deni carburetors, Duro tires, NGK spark plugs, halogen head lights, heavier duty shocks, alloy rims, Motobatt battery, better foam in the seat, 2 stage paint, and a 2 year limited warranty which is transferable.  Because of these higher end parts, it is not uncommon to see a 49cc or 150cc scooter come in with over 20,000 miles on it.  The best part is their willingness to listen to customers and dealers; they truly believe in customer service and we are proud to be able to bring Bintelli scooters to the Minnesota market.  Thanks to our great customers, in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 we finished in the top 3 of all northern Bintelli dealers.


Our third brand is Lance.  Lance is a very high end scooter that in manufactured at the Sym factory in Taiwan.  They are direct competitors of Genuine, Vespa, Kymco, Yamaha, and Honda.  Their focus is on using the best parts and highest quality at an affordable price.  That is why we love them.  Lance uses the patented ceramic coated engine technology that makes Sym famous.  The 49cc scooters really get up and move and the 200cc scooters have a top speed of 65+ mph.  They are shipped out of a warehouse in California and get here in a matter of four to five days.  Lance scooters carry a 2 year unlimited mile warranty on all parts against defects.  They are made to last and be passed down.  We are happy to be able to offer a top quality product at an affordable price.