Adly is our high end 2 stroke scooter brand distributed in the United States by Bintelli.  Adly uses the highest quality parts and manufacturing techniques in Taiwan and have been building the best bikes since 1978.  The scooters are shipped out of South Carolina and are the best 2 strokes scooters in the world.  One squeeze of the throttle and hold on tight, because you are riding a 2 stroke engine.  All of their scooters have a 2 year limited warranty which is transferable and 2 years of Roadside assistance.  Because of their higher end parts, Taiwan Build Quality, and amazing 2 stroke engines, it is not uncommon to see a 49cc scooter come in with over 20,000 miles on it.  The best part is Bintelli's willingness to listen to customers and dealers; they truly believe in customer service and we are proud to be able to bring Adly scooters to the Minnesota market.